Today on the International Day for Children in Street Situation the Network of the Daily Centers for children in street situation in partnership with Save the Children, the State Agency for the Protection of the Rights of Children and the Municipality of Tirana, organized an awareness event at the Youth Park of Tirana. Main participants in the event were Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Ministry of Education and Sports and Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Mrs. Olta Xhacka thanked the Albanian network of the Daily Centers for Children in street situation and expressed her gratitude for their contribution in providing services and support for children in street situation.

Andi Seferi, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality highlighted the successful model of “Drop In center for children in street situation in Tirana” set up and supported by Save the Children, 2009-2016, which is actually effectively handed over to the Municipality of Tirana. The event involved also theatrical debuts, prepared and performed by children, animations and various entertainment games.

On this important day, Save the Children calls on central and local authorities to step up efforts and to ensure the protection and integration of children in street situation and their families; Coordination of interventions provided by state and non-state agencies to provide a wide range of services that focus on strengthening the family; Increase the budget necessary for local governments to protect children; provide access to services, education, health, vocational training for young people and parents as well as their employment; Promotion of educational programs for children at risk of abuse and exploitation; Increase investment in care institutions and the development of early childhood, focusing on children in need; Improved procedures to help children in street situation in emergencies and developing the capacity of professionals in the field to enable rapid and effective intervention to protect the rights of children in street situations.

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